Interview with Anthony Dunn – British Radical Champion & Unique Track Days Instructor.


1) So what is so great about the Radical cars and what does the competition consist of?

The great thing about the Radical is it’s aerodynamic grip, nimbleness and balance. It’s a terrific car to drive – easy to pick up but hard to master. But mainly it’s just great fun! Racing in one depends on the level you compete in; either Club, National or European. Invariably each race or stint will be around 20 mins though – so if 2 drivers are sharing we would each do 20 mins of a 40 minute race.

2) How did you get into the sport?

Like many racing drivers, I started in karting. But I was late…when I started karting I was 18. Most drivers nowadays start at 6…or younger!

3) Has 2011 been a good year for you?

Any year of racing is a good year! But seriously, it’s been up & down. We have shown excellent pace but the final results haven’t shown it. My team mate (and ‘student’) Timothy is really improving though so a good result won’t be far away.

4) What will the rest of the year hold for you?

More coaching & racing in the UK for a couple of months, then hopefully somewhere warm (or really icy) over the winter. In between enjoying time at
home with my wife and new baby daughter.

5) Where in the UK would you say are the best places for Track Driving & Radical Racing?

Silverstone or Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit are personal favourites of mine. I also love Croft…but that’s mainly because it’s 25 mins from home and I hold the Radical SR3 lap record there!


6) How often do practice, and what does your training involve?

To be honest, just driving and passengering in racing cars keeps you as fit as you need to be for the short stints that we do.

7) What has been your best memory in motor sport, and in the Radical?

Taking on the SR8’s and beating them in an SR3 at Croft in 2007…in our British Championship winning year. Plus taking the lead of the SR3 class against the best fellow Pro’s in Europe at the Silverstone round.

8) Have you ever been injured?

In a racing car thankfully not. I had a freak throttle stick open once into Stowe Corner & crashed at 140mph. But thankfully the car was so strong all I did was knock my head & get slight blurred vision. I raced the next day. And that was 2 weeks after breaking my collar bone in a motorbike at the same
corner…but that’s a different story!

9)  Have there been any big developments in Track Racing during your time, and do you see any coming in the future?

The ‘Pro-Amateur’ classes of racing like Radicals have really taken off in the last 20 years. And in the next 20 year I see 2 things coming: electric cars and
female drivers!

10)  What could somebody expect from a driving experience in the Radical with you?

The best car driving experience they could ever imagine!

11) What tips would you advise for people looking to get started in competitions?

Firstly, do lots of research – don’t just jump at the first thing you see. Go and watch the events and talk to the people doing it. When possible, try before you buy & finally; Don’t bite off more than you can chew – make sure you can dedicate the time to doing it properly and you can (at least just about) afford to do it!