Welcome to Unique Track Days!

Welcome to our new blog, where we’ll be bringing you all the on track news and gossip!

This is our first year in business and we’re very excited about the year ahead. How did we get to here? Well, last year we bought a Radical SR3 RS to entertain our corporate clients for our other business that’s been going for quite a few years. We’re also in the computer business .. selling I.T. – hardware and software – via Unique Corporate Ltd. We love our customers so much (and we wanted a toy to play with!) that we decided to buy a flash car to take them out on track with.


The Radical seemed the perfect car and turned out to be more fun than we ever imagined! After a few months we realised that no one else in the UK was offering driving experiences in these cars. You can only buy a passenger experience – whilst those are extremely thrilling , we thought it would be more fun to actually drive one!! So we decided to launch Unique Track Days and pimp our car out to who ever wanted to get behind the wheel.

We had an unsatisfactory experience at a certain race circuit one Valentines Day, when we were a given a driving experience as a present. Dont get us wrong – the day was very well organised, but the experience itself extremely disappointing. Why? Because the instructors don’t let you push the cars to their full potential around the track. We drove a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV Murcielago and an Audi R8. Both, we later found out, were owned by the ‘instructors’ that took us around the circuit. No wonder they kept telling us to ‘change up’ well before any torque kicked in. Whilst it was an amazing thing to be behind the wheel of a ‘SuperCar’ it wasnt the experience we thought we’d get. So why am I telling you this? Because with our company and cars, we wont be telling you to change gears at two thousand revs! We’ll have you seated next to a British Radical Champion, who’s telling you to put your foot down and give it some beans! All the while helping you to take the right lines around the track and whizzing past Ferrari’s, Porsches and Lamborghini’s like they’re standing still.


I should also add that Radical are a British manufactured car and they hold the current record lap around the Nordschleife Nurburgring in the SR8LM!

Here’s a little preview of our car:

Some specs on what’s under the bonnet of our car and key performance facts:

  • 0-60 3.2secs
  • 0-100 7.2secs
  • Top Speed 161mph
  • Weight 500kg
  • 420 bhp per tonne

The car is powered by the Hayabussa bike engine and generates around 420bhp per tonne, giving stella performance and an exhilarating ride that is just not comparable to a normal driving experience. Everything on this car has been designed with one, unrelenting goal in mind…….sheer speed!

I think I’ve summed us up pretty well here – but if you want more information about us and the car, instructors, where we run and to book an experience, then check out our official website: www.UniqueTrackDays.com