The Ulimate Corporate Motorsport Event for Client Entertainment,  Sales Incentives and Promotions

‘Every team had a target to hit and there was an overall sales floor target. All of sales
increased on the target by 59% and the winning team ‘had a 303% increase on their target’

Sales is all about incentivising a certain party or individual to buy, or sell your product. To do that you have to have something that genuinely excites people enough to get them focussed on your products. As Europe’s fastest motorsport experience, Unique Track Days will do exactly that!


Formula One driver Antonio Liuzzi giving 'hot laps' for our clients.

Testimonial: Computer 2000 – IT Distributor

In order to create a real buzz amongst the sales teams we ran a track day incentive with Unique Track Days to increase Public Sector sales.

The call out day was a huge success which saw a great increase in performance and to top it off the winning team had a great day. Having seen the reaction from the sales team we will certainly be running an incentive with Unique Track Days again in the future’

We do individual experiences for sales incentives and promotional prizes, right through to 100+ people corporate driving days. We do corporate motorsport events in the UK at all major race circuits, plus the Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps, the two mecca's of the motorsport world.


What makes Unique Track Days, well......unique?

The Corporate driving day or sales incentives you choose directly reflect on you as a company. It conveys to your clients how important they are to you as a business. Put on a good event with style and panache, and your customers will leave with an image of you as a strong, successful company that they want to associate with.


A day in the Silverstone Formula One Pit Wing, Formula One Grand Prix Circuit


We put together a corporate corporate driving day with you by considering the following components

What is the aim of the event and what do you want to achieve?


·         Customer entertainment

·         Sales Incentives

·         Product promotion or launch

·         Brand awareness

·         Increase customer base

·         Get more from your existing customers

·         Build relationships

·         To support marketing activities and/or campaigns

·         Team building

Once we understand what it is you want to achieve from your corporate motorsport event, we will propose a suitable venue with facilities that will accommodate you and your clientele, such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch or even Spa Francorchamps.


We will work with you to get the branding and messaging just right for your event. We have many ways in which we can do this. Branding the cars with your company and product logos, putting in pit boards in your garage, hospitality suite branding and much more.



Next we look at what sort of experience you want your customers to have on the day and design driving schedules around budget, time and number of clients. It’s important to strike a good balance so that clients are constantly engaged throughout the day. Be that driving or in conversation with your company, discussing business issues or just building relationships and enjoying a fun day together.

The finishing touch’s are what carry an event off. It transforms a good event into a unforgettable one. We will make sure the polish is added to your day to finish it with quality and style.


Branding up our F1 simulators give some visually stunning marketing photography. It also adds a fantastic competative element to your corporate motorsport event.


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