Driving Tuition

Let's be honest boys (and Girls)........

Most people that drive cars are male. And most males have a reasonably delicate ego. We all like to think we are the next 'Stig' and that we are getting the most out of the car we drive. We don’t like to have our dreams foiled and our self images shattered by some know it all instructor.


The truth........

Please allow me to explain from my own personal experience as I have only been driving cars on track since I got the first Radical SR3 RS in 2010 and so think I serve as a reasonable example. I have gone from complete novice to 'amazing star studded F1 material' in just 2 months! Okay, maybe not. I have however built on my skills as a novice back in 2010 and have certainly achieved a level I would never have achieved in 20 years if it were not for the guidance and tuition from Anthony Dunn, Bradley Ellis and Michael Vergers. I have spent hours and hours sat in the car with these guys as both driver and passenger, at Silverstone, Donington, Brands, Spa and the Nordschleife, yet nearly every time I go out with them, I have a 'wow' moment.

I'll admit, I often go out thinking, what else is there for me to learn, and I am sure if you are honest with yourselves, you do that too. At least some of the time. Yet I keep having these 'wow' moments! Like when Bradley explained to me recently that approaching a certain corner at Brands Hatch, if approached in the right way and the car has been set correctly on the circuit, the car almost steers itself through the corner from the 'suspension rebound effect'. When Michael first explained this concept to me, of the car 'pushing back' as you take off steering lock, I was truly amazed. The rabbit whole just seems to get deeper and deeper.

Even if you are a technical wizard and already know all there is to know about car control, there is a plethora of specific circuit knowledge you just can’t get unless you have raced on these circuits for years and years. A great example of this: Brands Hatch. The day started wet but then began to dry. The whole circuit dried up quickly but one particular section which is usually in shade from the trees doesn't grip up very fast and so some caution and smoothness on the brakes was required. This might sound basic, but in the 'fight' these things are seldom obvious and its things like this that will have you into the barrier faster than you can say 'shiiiiiiit'. Now way up the cost of repair vs. having some tuition, let alone the improvements you will make as a driver and the speed you will gain.

If you are interested in learning a circuit, improving as a driver or racing enthusiast, or as an up and coming pro and want to be P1, give us a call and we will see which of our instructors would best suit your personality and needs.

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