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Euan Hankey

Euan started his racing career in the world of go karting. Winning the Junior Rotax British National Open Karting Championship  ‘O’ and the Kart Masters (Karting Grand Prix) put him off to a good start. He raced for the England Kart Team 2 years running and was Wessex Cadet Champion. He also came 4th in the Super 1 Junior Rotax Championship and 4th in the Stars of Tomorrow Junior Rotax Championship.

2005 saw Euan winning the Formula BMW
Junior Scholarship and become the UK Rookie Champion of the year with 6 wins. He was also selected to be in the BRDC Rising Star Programme.


In 2006 he became a Formula BMW Scholarship Driver with 2 wins, 7 podium finishes, 2 lap records and he came 4th in the UK championship.

Whilst continuing his University degree between 2007 and 2008 he managed to squeeze a half Season of Formula 3 Euro Series  and do some testing for the BTCC and the Formula Master series.


In 2009 Euan completed 3 rounds in the UK Formula Renault series. He won the Renault Driver of the day award on debut and finished 4th twice and finished in the top 6 four times.

In 2010 Euan became the UK Porsche Carrera Cup
Official Scholarship Winner with 9 podium finishes,
1 pole position and 4 front row starts. He was awarded Top Rookie and Scholarship Driver.


2011 saw Euan win 5 races in the UK Porsche Carrera Cup with 3 Pole positions 8 front row starts and 11 Podium’s. He qualified 8th out of 110 at the Nurburgring Porsche World Cup and became a Full BRDC Member (British Racing Drivers Club).

Euan Hankey driving at the Nurburgring 24 hour.


Driver Questionnaire

 Q: What age did you get into the sport?

A: 9 Years old

Q: What inspired you to become a racing driver and driver coach?

From a very early age I have just had a need to want to go fast starting off on a 50cc quad when I was 7 combined with watching the formula 1 with my father resulted in the path of Motorsport. The sense of helping someone develop and improve gives me a real buzz and this is why I really enjoy coaching and mentoring other drivers.

Q: What is your most memorable race in your career to date and why?

A: Formula BMW last round of the season where I beat my biggest rival in order to win a BMW Junior factory contract for the following season by winning the Rookie Championship.

Q: What is your favorite car to race in?

A: The best car I have ever driven is a Formula 3 car the finesse of the car with the stunning aerodynamic capabilities are just incredible.

Q: What is your favorite circuit and why?

Nurburgring Nordschleifen - it is the most demanding and exhilarating circuit in the world and it separates the men from the boys.

Q: What are your ambitions for the future?

To continue to be a professional racing driver working in the Motorsport and Automotive industry.