Being a bit of a motor racing fan I always wanted to watch an F1 race at Spa. Unfortunately I couldn't make it this year, so I thought a track-day in your Radical SR3 at Spa may make up for it. Well it not only made up for it, it totally surpassed it! I'm not so bothered about watching the F1 anymore because I have found something far more exhilarating. Under your team's coaching I felt I had the car stopping and turning on a six-pence. That was until Bradley took me out for a few final demo laps and he had the other cars on the track parting to give-way in respect of our massive speed and cornering advantage! However, I still felt quite safe and in capable hands. Thanks for a totally awesome day.

- Graham Day - Spa Francorchamps 2013

2016 dates - 28th September
Quotes available on request for a Full days driving on alternatives dates - please call 01256 698080 or email

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