High Speed Passenger Ride

This is a truly exhilarating experience! Radicals are the fastest track cars money can buy, and in the hands of our professional racing drivers are simply put, a bit mental! Radical are producers of the fastest production sports car in the world. This is your chance to experience first hand the blistering performance of these awesome cars, pulling up to 2.5 G's in the corners. These run on the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix Circuit, Donington and Brands Hatch.

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Introduction to Racing Driving

This will give you a real taste of what its like to drive the fastest track car money can buy and learn the necessary skills and craft of a professional racing driver. You will have 3 x 20min sessions out on track, at either Silverstone on the formula one circuit, Donington or Brands Hatch. Once finished you will get in the passenger seat and experience how the pro's drive and what the car is truly capable in the hands of one of our champion winning drivers.

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